I Hope You’ll Dance

I laugh when I see people swing dancing (or ballroom dancing) in the movies. It’s painfully obviously which couples are truly dancing and which memorized footwork. Sometimes in the movies actors are just taught the dance steps and the “moves” but aren’t taught how to dance. They are not taught about leading and following and the importance of connection.

I realized my relationship with Christ is much like a dance. Christ is the lead and I am the follow. As the follow, I have a few rules I need to abide by. Each dance has a structure to it. It’s important to learn the structure (the rhythm, the steps, the musicality). Once I have learned “the rules”, then I can play and add flair. As Christians we are given the “rules” in the Bible, but how we act out those rules can be done in our own unique way. How we spread the word, serve the church, and worship God can be done in a way that fits our style and our talent.  

Many people don’t realize that each move a couple performs on the dance floor is led rather than memorized. 90% of them are led through body movement. Hand placement, pressure, and stance tell the follow where she is supposed to go. The keys to being a good follow are attentiveness and responsiveness. As a follow I have to be able to understand what the lead wants me to do and then respond to it. Failure to pay attention and respond can result in pulled muscles, running into other couples, or even ending up as a pile on the floor (or elbowing the lead in the face – oops!). Our walk with Christ is the same. Through prayer, reading the BIble, and wise counsel we can understand where to go and what moves we should make. Failure to pay attention or going our own direction can result in emotional, spiritual and even physical pain. 

This life can be a beautiful dance, with tumultuous moments like in the tango, to happy moments like the jive or sweet, peaceful moments like the waltz. Live each moment with all you have, follow your leader, and you will end up with a fantastic performance.



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