Best Dinner Ever!

Making dinner is always a challenge in my home. My daughter, who is practically an angel, becomes a terror at dinner time. Knowing that mommy is preoccupied she does everything she knows she shouldn’t do. Normally, I put on Veggie Tales or Blues Clues and pray for the best. I decided tonight was going to be different.

I went to Target and picked up a step stool. In the kitchen, I turned the step stool backwards so the bar was away from the counter and set my nineteen month old on it. I then proceeded to teach her how to pour the ingredients and stir them. She helped sort the vegetables into different bowls. We successfully made dinner together in less than thirty minutes.

The ordeal was a little stressful (like how she would try lettuce, pull it out of her mouth, and put it back into the bowl) but far more productive than our usual evenings. It was messy but worth it. The key was to keep her doing things and to hold her attention. Now, instead of letting the tv babysit her during dinner prep, I am going to take advantage of this time to get in more together time and teach her how to contribute to the family.


2 thoughts on “Best Dinner Ever!

  1. Congrats on your dinner success! Maybe this could be applied to business, too…if someone is whining about a process, include them in the planning stages for complete buy-in.

  2. jcaxline says:

    Great point Rebecca! That’s so true. When you involve them they feel like they have more control and input and will buy-in. Thanks for the insight!

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